7 Last Minute Bootastic Costumes for Halloween

If you haven’t figured out what you want to be for Halloween – no need to fret.  We give you 7 bootastic costumes for Halloween inspiration. There is still time to order many of the looks (check shipping guidelines).

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Princess leia halloween custome Princess leia halloween custome
Batgirl Halloween Costume Batgirl Halloween Costume
tiny house

Broke Single Mom Builds Tiny Homes for Retirement

Single mom Michelle Boyle was hit with the realization that she had no retirement as her kids became adults.  Her solution: She built a personal tiny house for herself and plans to build more to rent out as income for her retirement years.

Many people are trying to lower their cost of housing by adopting a simpler lifestyle. Tiny homes may be one answer.

There are television shows, forums, groups, communities and youtube channels that are dedicated to building and living in tiny homes. Could tiny homes be the answer for the high cost of homes for cash-strapped single moms and retirees?

5 Tips To Earn 6 Figures By Selling Used Panties!!

 5 Tips to earn 6 figures selling used panties

The Art Of The Start

All this time you’ve been sitting on your money maker – no not that!  Your panties can net you 6 figures a year! If you don’t wear panties you may want to start if you need extra cash or an easy way to make a living. It’s a low risk – high reward anonymous transaction.

Buying used panties isn’t new. The practice has been around forever, but the internet had made the exchange easy and anonymous. Japan used to have vending machines of used underwear, but removed them when they thought that men were wearing and selling them.

Now, it’s not as easy as just selling a pair of panties to a faceless character. For the high price, you may need to wear that one pair of panty for a full month. Don’t even think of cheating the customer. Those who pay high prices are panty connoisseurs – they know how a month-long worn panty should feel and smell.

The average price for one day worn panties tend to be $15 to $30, but you set your own price.

Top Dollar Tips!

1) It’s worth repeating – don’t try to cheat the customer! They will be able to tell the difference.

2) Enclose the panties inside a plastic bag for preservation.

3) Get MORE money by charging for extras – spit, skid marks, pee, etc.

4) Create a persona to stand out from the others.

5) Here are some ways to get started: pantydeal.com, myusedpantystore.com, sofiagray.com, Craigslist, Create your own website!


Happy Selling!!