How to survive a nuclear attack

How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

How to survive a nuclear attackThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Outlines How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

How to survive a nuclear attack is at the top of the concerns of Americans amid the increasing war of words between North Korea and the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will conduct a briefing January 16th “Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation,” to detail how to prepare for nuclear war.

“While a nuclear detonation is unlikely, it would have devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps,” states the excerpt from the CDC’s website.

The CDC also states that all the information is crucial to increase survival, “For instance, most people don’t realize that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation.”

War Of Words

As we know, the war of words of nuclear prowess between North Korean  Kim Jong-un and  President Donald Trump has escalated.

President Trump tweeted Tuesday night, boasting his “nuclear button” is  “much bigger & more powerful” than North Korea’s.


World leaders have expressed their worry in recent days as the U.S.  edges closer to nuclear war with North Korea.

Besides knowledge of  how to survive a nuclear attack, having the correct gear and supplies is crucial. Survival experts recommend having a bugout bag and at least 2 -3 weeks of food and water to last for each person.


Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 SingleMoms Hub family!!

We made it!!!

This is your year! Push through any fear, insecurity and the thought of scarcity to achieve your dream life!!

nigerian prince scam busted

Nigerian Prince Scam Busted

nigerian prince scam busted



Nigerian Prince Scam Busted in Louisiana.  The internet has made it possible for love (which lends itself to its own scams) to be found anywhere around the globe. It has opened the chances of one finding the love of one’s life, the job of one’s dreams, and untold other social and financial advantages. Well, some have taken it a bit further to exploit the desperation and greed of people.

Michael Neu, a “Nigerian prince” scammer is accused of pretending to be African royalty as part of a scam to trick people out of thousands of dollars. The Slidell Police Department in Louisiana says they have arrested and charged the scammer with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering by sending emails to people and then claiming to be a Nigerian Prince.  The email sent claimed that the recipients were the beneficiary of a large sum of money — but in order to receive their “inheritance”, they must first send him their bank account details. Police say people fall for these scams.

“Most people laugh at the thought of falling for such a fraud, but law enforcement officials report annual losses of millions of dollars to these schemes,” Slidell police said in a news release.

Rapper T.I Buys Christmas Presents For Single Mothers

Rapper T.I Buys Christmas Presents For Single Mothers

Rapper T.I. surprised single moms at an Atlanta-area Target store when he walked in and announced that he will buy their christmas presents. The Rapper posted a video on Instagram showing him as he walked in with his announcement.

In the video, T.I. enters the store and yells out for all single moms to meet him in the back.

T.I spent thousands of dollars buying toys for the children of single moms.

On his Instagram T.I. states,  “Wish I could’ve came earlier, stayed longer & done more for more people,” He also stated to those who missed his generous holiday spree: “I’ll catch up with you next year!!!”


Raising Dion – A Single Mom’s Son Has Magical Powers

Must See Raising Dion:

Raising Dion, a science fiction television series based on a short film and comic book by Dennis Liu is coming to Netflix.  Raising  Dion features a single mom who discovers her son has magical powers.  Added to the everyday life of being a single mom is the task of teaching Dion how to harness and use his powers.

Free Comic Book

Get a free copy of the first issue of the comic book by going to

This looks like a must see!

7 Last Minute Bootastic Costumes for Halloween

If you haven’t figured out what you want to be for Halloween – no need to fret.  We give you 7 bootastic costumes for Halloween inspiration. There is still time to order many of the looks (check shipping guidelines).

Click on the costume for more information.

Princess leia halloween custome Princess leia halloween custome
Batgirl Halloween Costume Batgirl Halloween Costume
tiny house

Broke Single Mom Builds Tiny Homes for Retirement

Single mom Michelle Boyle was hit with the realization that she had no retirement as her kids became adults.  Her solution: She built a personal tiny house for herself and plans to build more to rent out as income for her retirement years.

Many people are trying to lower their cost of housing by adopting a simpler lifestyle. Tiny homes may be one answer.

There are television shows, forums, groups, communities and youtube channels that are dedicated to building and living in tiny homes. Could tiny homes be the answer for the high cost of homes for cash-strapped single moms and retirees?

5 Tips To Earn 6 Figures By Selling Used Panties!!

 5 Tips to earn 6 figures selling used panties

The Art Of The Start

All this time you’ve been sitting on your money maker – no not that!  Your panties can net you 6 figures a year! If you don’t wear panties you may want to start if you need extra cash or an easy way to make a living. It’s a low risk – high reward anonymous transaction.

Buying used panties isn’t new. The practice has been around forever, but the internet had made the exchange easy and anonymous. Japan used to have vending machines of used underwear, but removed them when they thought that men were wearing and selling them.

Now, it’s not as easy as just selling a pair of panties to a faceless character. For the high price, you may need to wear that one pair of panty for a full month. Don’t even think of cheating the customer. Those who pay high prices are panty connoisseurs – they know how a month-long worn panty should feel and smell.

The average price for one day worn panties tend to be $15 to $30, but you set your own price.

Top Dollar Tips!

1) It’s worth repeating – don’t try to cheat the customer! They will be able to tell the difference.

2) Enclose the panties inside a plastic bag for preservation.

3) Get MORE money by charging for extras – spit, skid marks, pee, etc.

4) Create a persona to stand out from the others.

5) Here are some ways to get started:,,, Craigslist, Create your own website!


Happy Selling!!

Single Mothers Surviving Trump

5 Ways To Survive and Thrive In The New Trump Economy!

Single Mothers Surviving TrumpEight months into the new presidency and there is still a lot of uncertainty of what’s to come. What is certain is that President Trump will cut domestic (safety net ) spending, health care will be changed again, and the tax code will change to eliminate the head of household option that single mothers tend to file under.  All the changes can be overwhelming, but here are 5 things to do to survive and thrive in the new Trump Economy.


1. Start a business

You will have more control of your income and time with a business – creating your own life/work balance. You get to determine when you work, where you work and with whom you work.  if you want to work while on vacation or not or even when you take a vacation is all up to you.

Tax Benefits

The bulk of taxes generated in this country comes from earned – W2 income. The tax code for businesses was meant to reward risk takers and job creators. You can write off many business expenses from business furniture, office that is maintained inside the home, food (business lunch, dinner) trips to conduct business or advance training that improves. A book by Bernard B. Kamoroff C.P.A.  explains the 475 tax breaks for businesses or the self-employed.

Trump is a business man and the greatest tax cuts are going to those who have assets – A business is an asset.

You get to meet a wide variety of people in different industries and jobs as those of us who are 9 to 5ers are usually regulated to exposure to who we come in contact with our offices or work buildings.

  1. Learn Valuable and Needed Skills

    We’ve read about all the folks with degrees stuck in lower waged jobs. We see how the complete disappearance of jobs and industries have collapsed cities and city areas such as Detroit when the car industry moved out.

    Listen, Listen, Listen closely There are 20 million people in college at any given year, About 3 million graduate a year, and if the economy creates 145,000 jobs (in a good month) resulting in 1.7 million a year – we fall short. We really fall short when you also take into account High School graduates who don’t attend colleges.

    After taking into account that the number of jobs created isn’t keeping up with the number of college grads, then we must give thought to the type of jobs being created.  The low-wage service industry is leading the pack.Single mother engineer

    Okay, enough of why you may need to think long and hard about learning NEW skills.  Let’s look at some areas that can’t be outsourced:  Direct patient medical personal – nursing,  doctor, trades – plumbing, electrician, car repair, etc. There is a long list of possibilities.

    3. Increase Income

    You will need income to increase your flexibility and assist you in obtaining hard assets. Buy a home, land, and other investments to increase your wealth and also serve as Tax Breaks. Tax incentives will increase under the new administration who has already proposed eliminating the capital gains tax.  The Book Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki explains this in detail.



    4. Nurture and Extend your network

    It’s very easy to retreat to our quiet place and isolate ourselves when we’re busy working, taking care of home and kids.  As change happens (good or bad) or even in a more complicated society in which we live, daily life circumstances can become overwhelming which can lead to anxiety and depression. Take the time to nurture relationships by having more intimate touch points – phone and in person. Don’t just rely on just texting – it’s impersonal and doesn’t foster connections.  Meet folks online and then take those new friendships off- line. MEETUP, Facebook – other social networks can be of great help to find like-minded people to form a connection.

    5. Birth Control 

    Listen and read closely – If you are still of childbearing age – Get an IUD. An IUD, the loving name for an intrauterine device, is a reliable birth control method that can last for 10 years. An IUD can save your life or at least make sure one doesn’t fall off an economic cliff by not getting pregnant during uncertain times.Look, we know the statistics about poverty and single parenthood! Many of us are living within it. We know that the new administration may cut social services and further the undermining of the safety net that began in the 1990s.  Besides, you can do all of the above much more efficiently and effectually without the worry of having to take care of another child during precarious times.  The reason the time is now is that with the incoming President and legislatures it is believed that access to reproductive health will be limited.

    Bonus: Stay flexible with your living environment and composition. You may not be in the ideal city, county, state, or country. Get a passport and stay mobile. Also, stay open to those who may need to share resources and living accommodations.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now One Hour Wine Delivery

Amazon Prime Now
That Amazon Prime Now account has just become more exciting. No longer just limited to books or household goods within two hours (one hour in some cities), you can now get your wine within an hour in certain cities.

Amazon’s Prime Now which promises free same-day delivery on certain products is currently available in some cities across the country has now introduced One-hour delivery of wine in 12 cities.

Those lucky cities are: