single Mother hood raises heart risks

Working Single Motherhood Raises Risk Of Heart Disease And Strokes

Mother hood raises heart risksSingle Motherhood Increases Heart Risks

  • Working SingleMoms have a greater risk than married moms
  • Increase stress leads to an increase in unhealthy habits
  • SingleMoms have double the risks as European SingleMoms

As SingleMoms, we don’t need anyone to tell us how stressed many of us over the lack of money, time and resources – we live it every day.

The “experts” at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have combed over thousands of research records and concluded that the stress is killing us – literally.

SingleMoms who work are more at risk than Europeans SingleMoms because U.S. moms are more likely to work than in Europe.

Don’t worry too much as there were many mitigating factors missing like the number of children the women had, the social support system they may have had or the economic disparities.

The solutions are the same solutions we are constantly being told – eat healthily, don’t smoke and exercise.

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